Hair & Nails


All haircuts include shampoo, condition, cut & style

Womens: $30 & up
Mens: $20 & up
Kids: $15 & up

Hair Colors

All hair colors include wash, haircut & style

Womens foil: $85 & up
Womens color: $70 & up
Mens color: $45 & up
Color correction: $75 an hour & up


All Perms include wash, cut & style

Perm: $75 & up


Wash and style: $25 & up
Updo: $55 & up

Add Conditioning Treatment to any Hair Service for $15

Specialty Hair Services

Hair Extensions – DreamCatchers & Great Lengths

Enjoy long beautiful 100% real hair. We offer 2 different brands to customize to your own personal hair type. Come in for a consultation with our certified stylist to find out which is best for you.

Brazilian Blowout

The ONLY professional smoothing system treatment that improves the health of the hair. No Damage! Leave hair smooth and frizz-free without hard chemicals. Formaldehyde Free! You can wash and dry your hair the minute you leave the salon. To insure results that last up to 12 weeks we offer Acai aftercare products. Call for your consultations with our certified stylist today.

Nail Services


On like a polish, wears like a gel. No dry time. 14 day wear. Safely on in minutes

Hybrid Nail Color Full Set: $25
Hybrid Nail Color Full Set w/ Manicure: $40
Hybrid Nail Color Full Set on Toes: $25
Hybrid Nail Color Full Set on Nails and Toes: $50

Artificial Nails

Acrylic Full Set:
Acrylic Fill: $25
Acrylic Full Set on Toes: $45
Acrylic Fill on toes: $45

Tammy Taylor

Pink & White Full Set: $50
Pink & White Fill: $25
Pink & White Back Fill: $30

Spa Services

Treat yourself & relax in our private pedicure room, where you will enjoy a soothing hot rock pedicure with all the amenities. Add a paraffin wax dip for extra pampering, for an additional $5.

Manicure: $20
Spa Pedicure: $45
Mani/Pedi: $60

Polishing & Design

Nail Full Polish: $15
Toe Full Polish: $20
Nail Design (2 nails): $10
Nail Design (10 nails): $20